About the Courses

LL. B. Bachelor of Laws/ the Legum Baccalaureus

LL. B. Three year law course


Intake Capacity

3 years


The minimum qualification for admission shall be a Graduation with minimum 45% of marks in any faculty.


Rules for Standard of Passing for LL.B

In our University we are having internal marking system and external marking system. Out of 100 marks 25 marks are internal and 75 marks are external.The standard of passing for the three-year course is that the candidate must obtain 30 marks in each written paper and 10 marks in internal exams of college. i.e. the passing is different for internal and external exams.

Terms & Conditions for the LL.B. Course

Admissions must be taken in person, by presenting the prescribed application form duly filled in and on payment of fees. All admissions will be provisional and subject to confirmation by the Principal and approval by the University.

Conditions to be fulfilled by a student in order to qualify for grant of terms:

  • She shall attend at least 80 percent of lectures delivered in a subject.
  • Sheshall attend the prescribed number of tutorials and secure at least 50 percent marks in the aggregate of all the tutorials.
  • She shall pass the terminal or other tests satisfactorily for all the subjects.
  • She shall complete all practical training and must participate in the free legal aid and free legal literacy camp.

No two Graduate courses or Graduate Course coupled with Post Graduate Course shall be done simultaneously under the rules of the University. However students can undergo one Degree, one Diploma and one Certificate Course simultaneously.

LL. B. Three year syllabus

LL.B. (First Year)

Semester I (June-October)

  • Introduction to Law and Legal Language
  • Law of Contract I
  • Indian Penal Code And Domestic Violence
  • Constitutional Law
  • Practical Training Paper A

Semester II (November-April)

  • Contract II
  • Labour and Industrial Laws
  • Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act
  • Practical Training Paper I
    Optional (any one)
    1. Taxation Law
    2. Law of Co-operation
    3. Legislative drafting and Principles of legislation
    4. Criminology and penology
    5. Insolvency


LL.B. (Second Year)

SEMESTER-III (June-October)

  • Family I
  • Environmental Law
  • Company Law
  • Property Law
  • Practical Training Paper - B

SEMESTER-IV (November-April)

  • Administrative Law
  • Family II
  • Land Laws
  • Optionals (any One)
    1. Insurance Laws
    2. Banking Laws
    3. Media Laws
    4. Women and Law
    5. Cyber L:aws
  • Practical Training Paper II


LL.B. (Third Year)

SEMESTER-V (June-October)

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Procedure Code
  • Law of Evidence and Limitation
  • Public International Law and Human Rights
  • Practical Training Paper -C

SEMESTER-VI (November-April)

  • Interpretation of Statutes
  • Civil Procedure Code
  • Jurisprudence Practical Training Paper -III
  • Optionals (any One)
    1. I.P.LAw
    2. Law and Medicine
    3. Private International Law
    4. Law Relating to Corruption and Right to Information.